Embroidered Baby Booties

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handmade baby booties with embroidered flowers on the sides by ethical brand Eka.  

  • Please hand wash and then dry on a flat surface.
  • Handmade in India (FairTrade)

About Eka

Sustainability and fair trading standards are at the heart of Eka. Every decision made for the company involves putting people and principles first before profit. All Eka products are handmade in Auroville, in the South-East of India, in a region called Tamil Nadu. Auroville is a universal township - the concept of which is an ideal township devoted to an experiment in human unity. Working with Auroville has allowed Eka to concentrate on creating collections of beautifully hand crafted accessories for people and homes that are at the cutting edge of trends with an added gift to the buyer of sustainability and social conscience.