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As Fashion Revolution Week 2019 approaches we’re sharing our favourite ethical clothing brands! If you’re interested in ethical fashion then you’ve heard of Fashion Revolution. Now into their fifth year, Fashion Revolution call for transparency in the fashion industry and aim to end fast fashion’s damaging effects to people and the planet.  From the people who wear clothes, people who make clothes, designers, writers, businesses, policymakers, brands and retailers. Fashion Revolution aim to unite all these people to work towards changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed. The ultimate aim is that clothing will be made in...

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What a year 2016 has been!  The world seems to be falling apart, but we've tried to keep our spirits up by sharing images of our colourful shop windows, quirky vintage pieces, and one-of-a-kind designs you won't find anywhere else. Because when life is gloomy, we like to add more sequins! Our most-liked image of 2016 on Instagram was our big dark anti-Black Friday post. Each year we find ourselves having to explain why we don't participate in the outrageous Black Friday shenanigans, but each year we notice more and more people agreeing with us and cheering us on. So we...

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We're all about 'shopping small' and supporting local, independent designers - and what better time to do this than at Christmas, which many small businesses depend on to be the busiest time of year? Steer away from the generic high street and opt for something a little homegrown for a unique gift that will have your loved ones asking 'where did you get this?' rather than 'oh yes, I saw this in John Lewis...'  Constellation necklace, £18 Lavender tartan scottie dog, £9 Jessie dress, £85 Baby hedgehog necklace, £27 Carousel scarf, £145 Shorty top, £45 Pearl stud earrings, £10 Flying...

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We are SO excited to have Beyond Retro Label on board here at Godiva! We're all massive fans of the Beyond Retro stores, making pilgrimages there whenever we go down to London. So when Fleur found their reworked label, Label, at a trade show, we knew that we just had to get their pieces in store. The first shipment arrived late on Friday afternoon and we worked super hard to get everything checked, priced, steamed and hung ready for the weekend's shoppers! It turned out to be just the most ideal timing as the cord skirts, cosy cropped jumpers and awesome...

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1. Alpaca flag stud earrings Find them here, £9. 2. Black marble chevron necklace Find it here, £16. 3. Double triangle geo necklace Find it here, £20. 4. Silver hexagon stud earrings Find them here, £45. 5. Shade clip-on earrings. Find them here, £32.   6. Grey dip triangle earrings Find them here, £18.   7. Grey mizar necklace Find it here, £17.   8. Mini symmetry necklace Find it here, £23.   9. Brass formica hex earrings Find them here, £20.   10. Square silver earrings Find them here, £28. 11. Geometric beaded tiara Find it here, £105. 12. Ceramic turquoise...

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