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We're pleased to announce the latest designer to join the Godiva family - Pop-up Jewellery. Created and run by Claire Halligan in the East End of Glasgow, Pop-up Jewellery creates gorgeous Art Deco inspired pieces that we can't wait to share with you. We caught up with Claire to find out more about her and Pop-Up Jewellery: Can you introduce yourself and the brand? My name is Claire Halligan, I am from the East End of Glasgow and my wee business is called Pop Up Jewellery Ltd. Pop Up is a business where I create sterling silver jewellery inspired by...

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1. Apatosaurus earrings Find them here, £16. 2. Large stegosaurus necklace Find it here, £35. 3. Mini apatosaurus necklace Find it here, £14. 4. Scotty stegosaurus brooch Find it here, £25. 5. Mini stegosaurus necklace Find it here, £14. 6. Small apatosaurus necklace Find it here, £25. 7. Stegosaurus earrings Find them here, £16. 8. Dinosaur badges Find them here, £1.50. 9. Dinosaur brooch Find it here, £22. 10. Dinosaur and lava rock necklace Find them here, £15.60. 11. Pterodactyl cufflinks Find them here, £17.50.

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1. Alpaca flag stud earrings Find them here, £9. 2. Black marble chevron necklace Find it here, £16. 3. Double triangle geo necklace Find it here, £20. 4. Silver hexagon stud earrings Find them here, £45. 5. Shade clip-on earrings. Find them here, £32.   6. Grey dip triangle earrings Find them here, £18.   7. Grey mizar necklace Find it here, £17.   8. Mini symmetry necklace Find it here, £23.   9. Brass formica hex earrings Find them here, £20.   10. Square silver earrings Find them here, £28. 11. Geometric beaded tiara Find it here, £105. 12. Ceramic turquoise...

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