We're pleased to announce the latest designer to join the Godiva family - Pop-up Jewellery. Created and run by Claire Halligan in the East End of Glasgow, Pop-up Jewellery creates gorgeous Art Deco inspired pieces that we can't wait to share with you.

We caught up with Claire to find out more about her and Pop-Up Jewellery:
Can you introduce yourself and the brand?

My name is Claire Halligan, I am from the East End of Glasgow and my wee business is called Pop Up Jewellery Ltd. Pop Up is a business where I create sterling silver jewellery inspired by Art Deco and Geometric themes, I love creating designs with sharp straight lines and especially finishing my pieces off with a high polish. 

Where did the idea behind the brand come from?

I always like to say my brand grew and became itself, I began Pop Up by making pieces inspired by the East End of Glasgow but I found I adored working and looking at the Art Deco time period, the idea of a shapes within shapes concept where you can see a square and see a triangle inside it had me buzzing with ideas.  After creating the Art Deco collection I started bringing in my main colours of black, white and grey until I found I created this sleek minimal brand that I never realised I was creating!

Where does the inspiration behind your designs come from?

A lot of my designs comes from doodling, I start with a simple shape usually a triangle or square and then start filling the inside of that shapes with lines.  I like to use an app called Sketch where I can use symmetry to make sure the design is even.  Sometimes I like just taking a simple shape and maybe turning it sideways to get a different look. So a lot of my inspiration comes from doodling and seeing what I think fits and what does not.  With every design it always has to tick three main boxes:

1. Simplistic
2. Geometric/Art Deco
3. Lightweight 

Pop-up jewellery Art Deco necklace
What's your favourite thing about being an independent maker?

Being able to actually say that I am an independent maker! When I was young the only jobs you got were in a bank or somewhere with a good pension plan you never heard someone with a job as an artist or a designer so being able to be an independent designer especially from the East End of Glasgow is one of the best things... also I can choose to take Mondays off so that is always a plus side! 

Do you have a favourite piece?
Oh this is a hard one! I think right now I am in love with my Geo Hook Earrings, they are the first piece I designed which is slightly larger than my others with a bit more detail but still has that simplistic look that my brand is based on! But if I had to choose the ultimate design it has to be my Triangle Necklace, it is one of the original Art Deco designs and was the design that basically launched my geometric art deco obsession!