This year spring fashion is brighter and more playful than ever. 

Bright is the new black according to Pinterest’s fashion forecasters, and it's here to make us happy
Dopamine dressing is the top trend for 2022 and we have some amazing designs coming in from Sustainable brand Palava Folk.
Palava are a British based company who create beautiful, unqiue, colourful and distinctive clothing intended to be passed from generation to generation. Palava place an emphasis on sustainable manufacturing and on making conscious, mindful choices about their fabrics and production process. Every piece of Palava clothing has been designed and made with care. Their dresses and skirts are made in a family-run factory on the outskirts of London where they spend a lot of time working closely with the talented team. All their knitwear is made by experts over in Turkey. All the organic cotton used for their knits is grown there too, meaning the team know the material inside out. Palava only produce small runs of each of their designs making each piece extra special. 
New in Spring season Palava will be live this month, make sure you are following us on social media for all our new drops and designers.