You might have noticed a few changes round these 'ere parts lately... 

We've had a wee makeover. We wanted to make our website more personal, more focused on who we are and what we do. 

We've simplified the menu, so you can easily shop by category or by designer, or find our contact information. We've added a featured banner - at the moment we're highlighting Bryony's SS16 collection, one of our favourites so far.

Beneath this you'll find quick links to some of our most popular designers: Rowanjoy, Karen Mabon, Bryony and Erstwilder. We love the care and attention these four designers put into their work, and are so delighted that you guys are also drawn to their bright colours and quirky styles!

Next up is a miniature bio of sorts. A couple of sentences about us and what we stand for. We wanted new visitors to our website to immediately know what we're about: sustainable, ethical clothing and unusual independent designers. 

And finally, near the bottom of the homepage you'll find links to three different categories: handmade, ethical, and vintage. We've noticed more and more that our in store customers are interested in talking about who made our products, and where they were made. It makes sense for us to categorise our website along these lines, too! Absolutely everything in the 'handmade' category has been made by hand, from scratch, by our talented designers. Likewise, everything in the 'ethical' category has been produced in a safe workplace by workers who are paid a fair living wage. And the 'vintage' category speaks for itself: awesome second-hand clothing, pre-loved and pre-worn in all the right places!

If you have any comments or suggestions about our new look, do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!