Dare we say summer has arrived...?
The sun seems to be making a more regular appearance, and though we still sometimes need to have the heater on when the shop door is open (I know, I know, but it gets cold!) it is definitely starting to warm up.
And with light, bright, summery new stock arriving every week, all of us here at Godiva are beginning to think about switching up our wardrobes.
Of course, living in Edinburgh you always need to keep a coat and a pair of tights on standby... but I'm still hoping to lighten up a little with some of these beaut summery clothes and accessories. 
And to top it all off, everything featured in this blog post is either handmade or ethically manufactured. Summer style with a conscience!
Bryony budgie print dress - made in Turkey
Mollie Brown kimono - handmade in the UK
Silk Purse Sow's Ear necklace & earrings - handmade in Edinburgh
Rowanjoy green/lilac print dress - handmade in Edinburgh
Erstwilder sunflower brooch - handmade in Australia
Mollie Brown top - handmade in the UK
Erstwilder flamingo earrings - handmade in Australia
Willow necklace - handmade in Edinburgh
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