Goodbye Tasha, Hello Willow
If Godiva had a Sorting Hat it would of certainly have chosen Tasha for the shop. 
This week we say goodbye to Natasha aka Tasha, she is leaving the team after 4 years to pursue her passion for jewellery design, a passion that was sparked working within the creative community of Godiva, we are so happy for Tasha and of course pleased to have been the ignition of her future career in design.
When Tasha had originally began her career at Godiva she has just graduated in Classics from St Andrews and had no formal retail experience, Tasha soon proved she was able to embrace all aspects of shop life and has been a real comrade over the years, especially when I took time out of Godiva life twice to have babies she has stood by the managers and other colleagues and been a huge support.
Tasha really has to be one of the strongest and most committed members of the team Godiva has ever had and she is going to be massively missed, not only because of her kind and uplifting nature, but also for her love of quirky and unusual pens, (she is the easiest person in the world to buy a gift for), her pride of being a Hufflepuff, love of Christmas jumpers, custard creams, chai tea, her exceptionally neat handwriting, her endless list writing and organisations skills, our very own Hermonie Granger but with more rainbows, in fact I have always suspected she may even ride a unicorn into work.
Everyday it seems is a happy day and that energy has shone out through Godiva, I don’t think I have ever seen her frown.
During her time here Tasha got engaged and married and designed her own wedding dress with another Godiva designer Rowanjoy. Tasha as rooted herself in the backbone of the shop not only as a super helpful shop assistant but has really been a huge part of the building and developing the online and social media side of the business, of which we are very grateful.
Her cute cat face trainers will be hard to fill. I think for Tasha however the most important thing she may take away from her time with Godiva is the creation of her own jewellery business, a mystical and celestial jewellery collection called Willow and we wish her all the luck!!
From selling a handful of her first clay moulding creations in store, to which I thought, “let’s just try it and see what happens”, to a now fully established Etsy business and successful designer in Godiva accessories range, we are very proud!
The great news is we will still see Tasha super friendly face most days as she is currently residing in the Godiva studio in the basement creating and making until of course she catapults into bigger success and will need a bigger studio!
It’s been real honour to have Tasha as part of the team.
Felix Felicis” for the future
Love Fleur & Godiva xxx
Willow studio