It's never been easier to shop.

Gone are the days when we had to order everything made-to-measure, or make garments ourselves. Now we have sartorial temptations beckoning us to open our wallets up and down every high street. Even supermarkets have us itching to add a bargain t-shirt to our weekly shop. 

In fact, to get that quick shopping fix we don't even have to leave our beds any more. ASOS shouts to us from our Facebook feeds, and retailers big and small invade our inboxes on a daily basis. Sometimes more than once a day.

How often do you feel regret over clothing purchases? Or end up with a wardrobe full of clothes you never wear? How often do you wake up in the morning feeling like you have nothing to wear? Or go shopping just for the sake of it? Or end up acquiring more and more things because nothing you own seems to go together?

I used to think I was pretty confident in my sense of style. I knew what I liked, and I knew what worked. But after finishing an epic wardrobe clear-out and trying to commit to buying as ethically as possible, I realised that I'm floundering. It's so easy for our personal style to become diluted by the millions of blogs, Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds out there, not to mention the ever-changing carousel of fast fashion trends. 

How do I know what's going to work long-term for me, and what's just a passing trend? I don't want to waste money and space on something that I'm not going to love months or even weeks from now.

Enter the personal style challenge!

All this week I'm going to be defining and refining my own personal style, and I'd love it if you guys joined along with me. Because shopping is a social activity, after all!

The first step: what do you like about your current wardrobe?

At its core, my wardrobe hasn't really evolved since college/university, and I quite like that. So many pieces have special memories: the dress I was wearing when I met my fiancé, the jumper that kept me cosy during late-night library sessions, and the shoes that still have a splash of pink on the toes from when Godiva's frontage was painted pink. Most things still fit me, and most things still suit me: I just want to refine this 'style' of mine and feel more confident when I'm shopping and getting dressed in the morning.

The next step: what needs to change?

As well as come to understand my personal style a little better, I also want my clothes to be a little bit more grown up. The only time I really struggle with what to wear is when I have a special occasion - weddings, christenings, etc. - or when I want to dress up for a special dinner or something. I don't go to enough events like this to warrant a whole separate wardrobe, but a few accessories or versatile pieces would be a welcome add to the mix. 

Other things to think about: maybe you have a promotion at work, or have just graduated and also feel the need to mature your wardrobe. Maybe you wish you could be a bit more adventurous in your style. Or maybe you want to be more conscious in the way that you shop, and avoid dropping lots of cash on clothes that you end up never wearing. 

Let me know in the comments, or drop me an email with your thoughts!