So you've taken stock of your current wardrobe situation and decided what you like about it, and what you want to change. You've spent some time flicking through blogs or magazines and have found a few 'style icons', people whose style you admire and think you might want to emulate. You've worked out the colours, shapes, fabrics and patterns that you are drawn to, and have noted down a few styling details.

And now the fun can really begin.

Now you get to go shopping! 

I want you to hit your favourite shops (ahem) and try on a bunch of clothes, shoes and accessories. But be strategic here: try not to get distracted by the pretty prints and latest trends! Always be thinking of the research you've done, the themes you've discovered. Bear in mind the colours and shapes that spoke to you when you were doing your research. You can always look up your Pinterest board on your phone if you find yourself losing your way, or even take a print-off with you!

Naturally, I did my research at Godiva. I was looking specifically for A line and skater skirts, collared blouses, minimal jewellery and a new bag - a ladylike handbag or a satchel, preferably. I also kept an eye out for specific colours: camel, navy, white and yellow.

There was a lot to choose from! Armed with a pile of clothing from both the vintage and designer sections, I made my move. I discarded a few vintage silk blouses (gorgeous colours and fabrics, but most were too oversized to suit me) and a Mollie Brown skirt. I've been eyeing up Mollie Brown's skirts for months now, but regretfully they just don't suit my body shape at all! I'm a definite pear shape, and while the small fits my waist perfectly it's far too tight across the hips, and while the medium fits my hips better it's far too big for my waist. C'est la vie!

On the other hand, I completely fell in love with a Mollie Brown top. Now, it's a loose-fit, and I was looking for a tighter-fit, but I adore the sleeves and the pretty print! And it's in my colours - white fabric with navy and red tiny heart print. It goes perfectly with skinny jeans and with high waisted skirts, so I snapped it up. I'm still deciding on this Grace + Mila skater skirt (and this one too!), and this Tumble + Hide bag is going straight to the top of my wish list.