It’s been 8 weeks or 56 days depending on how you are counting out the time spent ‘locked down’. I have been counting the days since the doors of Godiva closed. Since then I have been spinning many plates, juggling life, reprioritising and adjusting to this temporary shift in our individual way of life like we all have.  

For Godiva, it has been a waiting game for funding - the shop still hasn’t received the the funding it was promised yet, but I am assured it will come soon and once it does, I will be able to fulfil the promises of payment to the wonderful brands we stock and support them in order for all of us to survive. We will then have even more gorgeous pieces added to our growing online shop! Your purchases make a real difference to the individuals who create these wonderful unique collections.

The brands that we stock are local, UK and European based. They all follow sustainable ethics and by buying them you don’t only support this way of manufacturing, you also support individuals - there is a human connection to the pieces. This, I hope, will be the face of retail in the future, not just ecological sustainability but social too. Supporting and encouraging sustainable practices and lifestyle and this human connection to products is something Godiva has been pioneering for 16 years already.

I would like to take this moment to say a big thank you this weekend, not only to India who is very busy working behind the social media campaigns and online shop but also to all you lovely people who have supported the shop by buying online so far, for sharing our promotions, posts and sending lovely messages since the shop shut. Also thank you to all the wonderfully patient and kind customers who have had to deal with my sometimes haphazard approach to the online orders and the mistakes that have been made so far since having to take on the running of it, It’s been a big learning curve and it’s been good to connect with customers who have purchased some great pieces.

So, with this in mind we have made a few key improvements to the online shop!

It would be great if you want to help us by feeding back on things you find don’t work or work well and what you want to see more off.

We have upgraded our gift card, so you can now schedule to send them out on a particular day directly to a friend - perfect for special occasions or for just cheering up a friend at this time. We now have store credit and new rewards for loyalty  meaning for every £50 you spend you’ll get a £5 voucher to spend on anything in the shop!

As we continue to work on improving the online shop we’d love it if you could leave us a Google review. It only takes a couple of minutes and will really help us to grow and strengthen the shop’s online presence.

It has been really great to see the odd coffee shop opening and a little more life moving around carefully on the streets. Gives some hope that at some point in the next months Godiva will re-open and you will be able to take joy in visiting something more than a supermarket. But for now see you online! 

Happy Friday everyone!