Keep dry in the Scottish summer rains and be part of the future of fashion and textiles with an Insane In The Rain Eco Raincoat!

We're happy to announce that we have now restocked our selection of amazing, eye-catching eco raincoats, and added a brand new style, 'Woodstock' to our collection. 

Each raincoat is ethically made from between 17-23 plastic bottles that have been recovered and recycled to purpose these beautiful, 100% RPET eco jackets. Every Insane in the Rain purchase helps to reduce the unnecessary production of virgin plastic rain jacket fabric and simultaneously up-cycle plastic that would otherwise end up in the ocean. 

What's more, we’re the first and only Scottish stockist!

Somewhere Beyond Eco Raincoat

Meet The Maker

We caught up with Hanna from Insane in the Rain to find out more about this amazing brand!

1. Can you introduce yourself and your label?

My brother Jack & I (Hannah) founded INSANE IN THE RAIN in 2017. We make rain jackets from 100% recycled plastic, in bold, colour healing prints. We keep people dry & happy in the rain, whilst they contribute to helping protect the planet! 
2. Where did the idea behind the brand come from?
We spent a lot of time out in the tropics, where the beaches are covered in plastic & people use disposable plastic bags to keep dry. We wanted to create something that people could wear even in the summer months, when low & behold it keeps on raining ! We also wanted to create an outlet for people to express their inner INSANE & have something to make them smile when the rain came as much as they do the sun.
3. How is each raincoat created?
We use 17-24 plastic bottles to make each jacket. We filter plastic bottles into a machine that breaks down the plastic into pellets. The pellets are then passed through a giant spaghetti making machine, that grinds the plastic into thin thread that can then be woven into fabric. 
4. How are ethics and sustainability important to your brand?
It is everything. Every single decision we make from the way we manufacture, to the packaging used or the way we live ourselves is PLANET FIRST. 
5. Can you pick a favourite jacket? 

We are spoilt as we get to wear all our prints & we do, we have a cupboard at home with every print we have ever made hanging there ready to match our mood of the day! 

Phoenix Eco Raincoat 

Woodstock Eco Raincoat

Throwing Shapes Eco Raincoat

Earth Eco Raincoat