This week we've seen the arrival of the gorgeous 'Dewhurst' Satchels by Yoshi. Each vintage-inspired satchel is handmade in England from 100% genuine leather, made from high-quality materials that are designed to last a lifetime. We've got 15% off these satchels this weekend only with the code YOSHI15

We've also dropped a brand new range of vintage - from skirts, dresses, tops to shell-suit jackets. To celebrate we thought we'd share the many benefits of making your summer wardrobe sustainable by shopping vintage!

Dewhurst Leather Satchels 


There are so many reasons to buy second hand and vintage

With cool prints and floral patterns - vintage is clothing with a past and a history waiting for you to come along and rehome it. Every piece is also completely unique which is always a bonus!

The great thing about buying vintage is that it doesn’t have the same damaging and harmful effects as buying new. Considering that the fast fashion industry generates 100 billion garments every year and is the second most polluting industry in the world, we'd say that's definitely a good thing.

Buying vintage cuts out the production process, a process that takes a huge 2,720  litres of water to manufacture just one t-shirt. 

The lifespan of fast fashion items is often as little as 4 weeks. Compare that to vintage items which have a life span of years and it’s a no brainer.

Although the vintage clothing industry does inevitably leave some carbon footprint, transportation being the main culprit, the sale of vintage doesn’t require any additional materials, meaning the use of resources is comparatively small.

Vintage is a great alternative to buying new at a relatively low price. This means that vintage not only looks great, it’s great for the planet too!

Check out our latest vintage drop and grab yourself some gorgeous sustainable pieces for your summer wardrobe!


Clara Floral Vintage Shirt

Cassie Bright 70s Floral Vintage Dress 

Constance Vintage Midi Skirt

Courtney Vintage Shellsuit Jacket