1. Ice cream from Mary's Milk Bar
photo by @two_potatties
Mary's Milk Bar, 19 Grassmarket.
2. Lunch at Hula Juice Bar
Hula Juice Bar, 103 West Bow.
3. Tea + cake at Lovecrumbs
photo by @petitsbeguins
Lovecrumbs, 155 West Port.
4. Afternoon tea at Mimi's Bakehouse
Mimi's Bakehouse, 63 Shore.
5. Hog roast roll from Oink
photo by @losburgueses
Oink, 34 Victoria Street.
6. ALL THE FOOD at Mother India Cafe
photo by @thaole_2010
Mother India Cafe, 3-5 Infirmary Street
7. Oodles of noodles at Ting Thai
photo by @grant_alison
Ting Thai Caravan, 8-9 Teviot Place
8. Vegetarian/vegan delights at David Bann
photo by @salsfitkitchen
David Bann, 56-58 St Mary's Street
9. Takeout pizza from La Favorita
photo by @metinney
La Favorita, 331-325 Leith Walk (plus locations in Blackhall, Portobello and Morningside)
10. Street food at the Grassmarket Saturday market
11. Mezze at Hanam's
photo by @iamsilay
Hanam's, 3 Johnston Terrace
12. CHLs at The Outsider
photo by @halloumigram
The Outsider, 15-16 George IV Bridge
13. Sweeties from Canderson's
photo by @teeceegurl
Canderson's Sweet Shop, 102 Leith Walk
14. Brunch at Roseleaf
photo by @edinfoodclub
Roseleaf, 23-24 Sandport Place
15. Donuts from Twelve Triangles
photo by @soopydoop86
Twelve Triangles, 90 Brunswick Street
16. Grilled cheese from Meltmongers
Meltmongers, 80 Bruntsfield Place
17. Taquitos from Viva Mexico
Viva Mexico, 41 Cockburn Street
18. Cheesecake milkshake from Artisan Cheesecakes
photo by @edinfoodclub
Artisan Cheesecakes, 104 Bruntsfield Place