We’re very excited to announce that we are relaunching our vintage collection online this Friday! (12th July)

If you’ve followed Godiva for a while you might know that we originally started out purely as a vintage store over 16 years ago. As pioneers of the slow fashion movement, we’ve naturally evolved and adapted over the years. 

Nowadays, as well as hunting down the best vintage pieces, we also seek out forward-thinking, local, ethical and indie designers. The shop is currently split into the front room housing new, independent designers, and the back room, which is full to the brim with rail fulls of vintage gems.

Although we're currently selling our indie designers online, we've decided it's now time to relaunch our vintage collection online too! That means a website full of alternatives to the same gloom of the high street. 

We've written this blog in celebration of the vintage relaunch and as an opportunity to champion vintage clothing as a force for good within the fashion industry. 

How is vintage fashion ethical fashion?

Everyone loves vintage. Cool prints and floral patterns. It’s clothing with a past and a history just waiting for you to come along and rehome it. Plus, it’s unique. That’s always a bonus.

And the benefits of vintage don’t stop there. The great thing about vintage is that it doesn’t have the same damaging and harmful effects as buying clothes new.

More and more of us are starting to think about where our clothes come from, who has made them and the negative impacts that this has on people and the planet. You only need to look at global movements like Fashion Revolution to see how more of us are working towards creating a more fair and sustainable fashion industry.  

And that's what's so great about vintage. It's an affordable, easy alternative to buying new from the high street. 

After all, did you know that the fast fashion industry generates 100 billion garments every year and is the second most polluting industry in the world after oil? When you buy a piece of vintage clothing you cut out the production process which is good for everyone - people and the planet. After all, it takes a massive 2,720 litres of water to manufacture just one t-shirt.

What’s more, the average consumer throws away £70 worth of clothes every year, alongside 300,000 tonnes of clothing which all end up in landfill. This is partly down to the throw away culture that fast fashion promotes. 

The lifespan of fast fashion items is often as little as 4 weeks. Compare that to vintage items which have a life span of years and it’s a no brainer.

Although the vintage clothing industry does inevitably leave some carbon footprint, transportation being the main culprit, the sale of vintage doesn’t require any additional materials, meaning the use of resources is comparatively small.

Vintage is a great alternative to buying new at a relatively low price. This means that vintage not only looks great, it’s great for the planet too.

Ready to join the fashion revolution with Godiva?

Godiva relaunches our vintage range online

We’re so excited to be able to share our new vintage collection with you all which will be going live this week! (12thJuly 2019.)

So, what can you expect from our vintage range?

Well, everything from floral maxi dresses, silk A-line numbers, nightgowns, miniskirts and of course lots of denim, leather and suede.

Yep, vintage lovers rejoice!

What’s more, to celebrate the launch, we’re offering an exclusive discount of 15% off ALL vintage plus a FREE Godiva tote bag with all orders placed on launch weekend (12th-15thJuly) so this is your chance to snap up a real bargain!

We hope you enjoy the collection.

 Godiva Online Vintage Relaunch 12th July 2019