Just last year, the brand we had grown to know and love as Poppy had to change their name due to trademark issues. They rebranded as 'Bryony & Co' - Bryony being the name of the designer who illustrates the beautiful fabrics and creates the designs we know and love - but unfortunately have had to rebrand again!

Hopefully the third time's a charm and Bryony and her team will be able to stick with their new name for a long time. And what is the new name, you ask? Palava!

We love the name, it perfectly encapsulates the whimsical, fun British spirit that runs right through the heart of the brand - as well as being a cheeky nod to the palaver the whole rebrand has been for them!

But it's only the name that has changed. Everything else about the brand remains the same: their dedication to beautiful clothing made with care under ethical conditions, their sense of humour in the playful designs, and of course our favourite Palava characters Poppy, Fred the dog and Mr Giraffe.


We've just received this autumn's collection and are so excited to show it to you. We've chosen two main prints that we just know you'll fall in love with: the Ballroom and the Beauty Pageant prints. The Beauty Pageant is the more subtle of the two, with a border of flamboyant birds queuing up to take part in their very own beauty pageant! And the Ballroom print is classic Palava magic, a border featuring an art deco ballroom dance competition against a background of delicate floating paper lanterns. 

These two prints are both available in the flattering 1950s style Beatrice dress and Elspeth skirts. We also have the Zig Zag cardigan in navy and cream with matching or contrasting knee socks - super cute!