You may have known these quirky designs under a different name - a few months ago, Poppy England rebranded as Bryony & Co!

Bryony is the creator of Poppy and Fred, the two scamps whose adventures adorn all of Bryony & Co's beautiful dresses. Bryony's parents began making dresses when she was a child, and eight years ago Bryony took over the company.

She began creating characters inspired by her favourite books and her upbringing in the idyllic Yorkshire countryside. It's that childhood nostalgia that feeds through all of Bryony's designs. Bryony illustrates each design by hand in her studio in London, creating a storybook about a little girl called Poppy and her faithful companion Fred the dog. The story is different each season, and it's these stories that inspire the fabrics in each collection.

This season it's all about the zoo! You might remember Poppy and Fred's encounter with Mr Giraffe from previous seasons - well, this time the pair take a trip to London Zoo to see all Mr Giraffe's friends! 

When you buy a piece of Bryony & Co, you're investing in a beautiful item of clothing that will last a lifetime - this is decidedly not fast fashion. These pieces are made to be washed over and over again, and to be passed down from sibling to sibling and from mother to child. And while beautiful, these dresses are not precious. You're encouraged to dance like nobody's watching, to build forts and climb trees and relive your childhood in these dresses, just like Poppy and Fred!


And we love that Bryony are super keen on making sure that production of Bryony & Co clothing is as ethical as possible. All the pieces are made from organic cotton, which means no nasty pesticides are released into the environment. The garments are manufactured in the UK and Turkey too, so the team can make regular visits to the factories and check up on their happy and healthy workers.


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